Combination Level and Right Angle Measuring Tool

I have invented and recently patented a combination level and right angle measuring tool, which I am bringing to market as “The Right Level.” I invite you to visit my Website: ( to learn more about it and to provide comments. Thanks.

It is nice to have additional options when selecting what tools to buy and use. I, therefore, applaud your inventiveness and attempt to bring this tool to market.

While I wish you well, you must know that a conventional level that has a cross-vial (plumb level) can do the same thing. If a horizontal element is found to be level and an adjoining element is found to be plumb - then they meet at 90 degrees. The use of geometry, using a tape measure with 3-4-5 right triangles - and/or measuring opposite diagonals for equality are also common alternatives to determine “squareness” . Finally, many of us use quality combination squares or builder’s squares that include level vials. With all this said, I hope that your product will fill an untapped niche market.

Good luck


Thank you for your feedback. If you look under “Advantages” on my Website you will see that I have addressed your alternative methods of measuring a right angle and have improved upon them with my invention.


I did see what you listed.
Naturally the larger the legs of the 3-4-5 triangle - the more accurate you will be.
The tape measure method has some advantages for smaller boxes where your level wont fit. and can be used for much larger things like a deck frame where it is more accurate. Tapes are rather easy to carry and ubiquitous. The disadvantage is that you need to accurately read the tape. Rafter squares and speed squares - as you point out are not as accurate - but they have other uses and are also very common on job sites. For most framing - they are likely to be judged accurate enough. There are also big foldup triangles that help you square larger items - but they are more cumbersome than your level. I would think that folks who are in the market for a 5 foot level - would want to take a look at yours - since it adds additional functionality.