Commercial Washers and dryers?

Ok, I am in the process of buying my first house. I am HVAC/R by trade so most of it I can handle or know someone who can. But I am not getting a washer or dryer with the house. (I didn’t ask for them to stay) I have tried in vain to find reviews. A certain comprehensive Consumer website that Reviews locks said reviews behind a paywall. I found another one without the paywall but the models they recommended are all discontinued. I would prefer a top load washer, preferably with a dual action agitator. I am constantly in grease, oil or a dusty combination of the two. And if I get the smallest spot, I manage to spread it all over my clothes by the end of the day. Right now, I have access to a GE but it just seem doesn’t clean my clothes. I know, I am supposed to pre-treat but somedays that would mean just hand washing my shirt and pants in dish detergent. I am thinking maybe spending the money and going commercial. Maytag still offers commercial but are they still good? Speed Queen is out there too but their reviews stink!

I’m not sure I would buy a commercial washer for my house. I say that saying I looked into it with the last washer purchase 8 years ago. I was going down the road of getting a speed queen but they are expensive for home use. I really couldn’t justify the difference in price. PUt another way I could eat up a residental unit once a year for 10 years and still come out nearly even.

(it was quoted to me, delivered at 6400 dollars)

So to that end I bought a higher grade Maytag top loader. it’s a high efficiency top loader so doesn’t have the agitator column, but has the swash plate on the bottom. And it works very very well. Put another way, provided you don’t overload it which you can do. It pulls brake grim nast out of my jeans and shirt when I work on the car. Or it pulls transmission fluid out of my jeans and shirt and shoes when I got bathed in the crap doing a transmission swap.

Hows that. Why maytag. Well they are whirlpool today, corporately. but for a few dollars more in this case literally 50 dollars more, they get an extra year of warranty. SS wash tub.

Made in america still.

I was uncertain about the HF top loader but I have to say it works well. Also the matching dryer is nice too.