Compact Snow shovel

Any recommendations for a foldable snow shovel for a car?

Hi Mosh

I have has several versions, folding, collapsible/detachable handles, but always found those advantages were also the weaknesses. So Although it doesn’t collapse, I have the Garant NP091KD Nordic 9-Inch Poly Blade Car Shovel and have been very happy with it.

I also use the Garant NPW18KD Nordic 18-Inch Poly Blade Snow Shovel as my primary shovel for clearing the sideway and driveway. Being 6’5” tall, love the longer handle on the Garant brand. Durability is good, but there isn’t a wear strip (metal or other) which can be replaced- if that’s a concern for you. If you shovel and not scrape the asphalt/concrete/macadam, etc… it will last many years.

Been a few years since I’ve lived in a place that needed one, but I was never happy with any of the poly blade ones. I ended up buying a military surplus one and reshaping the blade a bit to more of a flat end. Worked a charm and was great if there was ice under the snow (which was super common in my college parking lot in western NY). There may be better options out there now, but 15 minutes work with a grinder makes a pretty much indestructible one and one that folds up more compact as well.

Thanks! all

I’m specifically looking for a collapsible one to be able to keep in a car trunk, not to take up the whole trunk…

I haven’t used it, but this kit looks handy. The jumper cables are burly too. Sadly, it looksl like they’ve stopped selling it for the season.

Here’s another option. It folds up like a military trenching tool, but the blade is wide, like a snow shovel. Again, haven’t tried it myself.

I have the one down the page with the pick and shovel, wooden handle. Indestructible and adaptable to many scenarios snow or otherwise. Not light. Very substantial. I can’t imagine having to carry one of these in a combat setting. My behind was always kicked without one… But under the storage area in the truck, it has come in handy a couple of times.

I have a Voile avalanche shovel with D-handle.

Its aluminum scooping edge is a bit worn down and bare, but it’s still holding strong.