Cone wrench (for router collet)

Hi All,

I lost the wrench that came with my Dewalt router. I could just buy an OEM replacement but it was never that comfortable to use. Having a plastic\rubber sleeve would be nice.

So I started looking at cone wrenches, specifically 17, 19 and 22mm for the three sizes of collets I have. But I couldn’t find any with my usual go-to brands.

Does anyone have a recommendation?



Cone wrenches are typically made from a bit thinner stock than a collet wrench. They come in patterns that are sometimes described as “shop quality” to denote greater longevity/toughness. Park Tools (the big American bike tool company) makes ones that may have heads that will not slip into a router cavity too well:

Var (the French bike tool specialist company) make some that may fit beter:

Hozan - the top bike tool company from Japan also make some:

I believe that Pedros makes their cone wrenches in Japan, while Unior makes theirs in Slovenia.

You might also take a look at offset pattern collet wrenches - available at various sources:

Thanks! I have the Park Tools ones in my Amazon cart already, and thought I would ask before buying them. I have one of their bikes maintenance kits, from a time before children! So maybe I’ll buy those.

I also already have the Rockler offset ones, I like them a lot. They work really well on my router table but I need these ones for my hand held routers.

Thanks for the recommendations!