Connecting a Fein vac hose to DeWalt tools

(sigh) So I have a new Fein vac, the Turbo I, and it’s quiet and powerful. But I want to connect it to my DeWalt tools (random orbit sander DCW 210 and 6 1/2" circ saw DCS 565). How do I do that?

The DeWalt tools have a 1 3/4" OD exhaust tube with a proprietary twist-lock connector. DeWalt makes a “universal” quick adapter, the DWV 9000, that mates with that connector and is meant to connect to 1 1/4" hoses, I guess by fitting inside the end (which is a simple 1.85" OD tube.) That connector is pricey but clones are available.

The Fein hose has a 1 3/4" termination with its own proprietary push-button lock. It comes with a mating “coupler” for its own accessories with a 1 3/8" OD end. It’s ridiculously expensive and there are no clones available that I can see.

So I’m thinking I can get one of each adapters and glom them together with heatshrink or duct tape. Or instead of the Fein adapter, I’d just get one of their accessory crevice tools and cut off the business end, leaving the end that takes the push-button lock, because that’s all I need.

Any other ideas? I’m open to 3-d printed stuff but I don’t know where to look.

Maybe check ToolCurve. I found a variety of options to connect everything from a Bosch router, Makita ROS and Milwaukee jig saw to a Festool Vaccum. Some offerings were exact matches and others I fitted with a bit of heat shrink to tighten or build up the fit.

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Thanks! I’d never heard of them.