Correlation between drill/driver clutch settings and specific torque

I’m interested to know if anyone is aware of a standard correlation between the clutch settings on various drill/drivers, be they DeWalt, Makita, Ryobi, or whatever, and a specific torque limitation.
Even a ball park correlation would be useful in an assembly environment.

if memory serves right, some makers do put range figures in their manuals. It’s been a long time since i looked at mine but I think Dewalt does this.

Standard correlation - I doubt there is one however. as the parts are made by each maker. Unlike chucks where there might be very similar chucks between drills. Past that inside the main housing thatis all made specific to the makers tools. I mean groups of the same parent might use the say so a porter cable drill might happen to also be like the dewalt etc. but between parent companies i doubt there is much similarity.

I could be wrong however.