Craftsman 10" Sliding Single Bevel Compact Miter Saw - $158

I know Sears/Craftsman gets a bad wrap around here, but I figured I’d to share what I think is a great deal I just purchased. The 10" Single Bevel Sliding Compact Miter Saw is on sale right now for $190. Sears is also running a deal right now where you get $10 in points for every $50 spent online with promo code CASH on checkout. So you would get $30 in extra points in addition to the normal $1.90, making your total points back for the purchase $31.90, and making the saw basically a $158 purchase. Also, If you added another $10.01 of stuff with the saw, you would get $42 back, making that extra $10 of stuff free. (I didn’t do this because used other points I had and got the saw even cheaper than the $158 equivalent).

Granted that $31.90/$42+ is for a future purchase starting Dec 1, but since I was planning on buying the folding miter stand with it, that’s not an issue, I’ll just have to wait a couple weeks to get it. It could be used on anything in-store or online.

I think the saw looks like a deal at $190, let alone $158, and personally I think I’ll like the innovative compact design that lets it get pushed up against a wall unlike nearly all other sliding miters. ToolboxBuzz loved the saw when it was $299.

Craftsman 10" Sliding Compact Miter Saw:

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Might be the last thing I ever buy from Sears!