Craftsman all-rubber hoses are gone

I don’t know if you guys are familiar with them, but Sears/Craftsman made a really heavy duty all rubber hose for many years. It had a distinctive hexagonal shape. I bought some 2 years ago or so.

Looks like Sears has discontinued them. Nothing in the stores and listed as out of stock on the site.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

I found one on ebay, thinking it was the last of the stock, but the one I received is the new, cheaper style (picture was wrong on the listing).

Anyone know who still makes an all-rubber hose of the same quality? Or who made them for Craftsman?

Try searching Kmart stores. I got one about a month ago and there were a handful still on the shelf (Somerset NJ). But yeah, this is the last of the old ones. Next best thing is Eley hoses but they are expensive.

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Ah, Eley. Thanks. I paid up for one of their hose reels and really like it. But RIP Craftsman, I guess.

I have several of the older style with solid brass ends, not the plated ones. They have held up 17+ years. I’ve froze them several times and left them under pressure for weeks…they still are as good as the day I purchased them (well except from the brass tarnishing).

The one thing I don’t like about them is that they can turn your hands black when you handle the hose, especially when I’m winding the hose back on the reel letting it slide thought my hand. I’m not sure if it’s oxidized rubber rubbing off, or what. It doesn’t happen every time either.

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So much for the lifetime replacement guarantee…
I use the black Craftsman for the first 25 feet and more flexible 25-footer for the working end.

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