Craftsman new ratchet

I saw a video of Craftsman new tool being realest. They said they have new ratchets that are fine tooth. I have not seen them for sale yet anyone one know when we can get them? I know craftsman is now owned by Stanley.

I think these are the new fine (120) tooth ratchets.

From a press release:
3/8-inch Drive 120T Gunmetal Chrome Ratchet (CMMT82011)

  • 120-tooth count dual pawl ratchet allows for access to difficult and narrow spaces
  • Sleek gunmetal chrome finish aids in resisting corrosion
  • For pricing information please visit,

Here’s a better photo:

I’m not sure when they are supposed to be out, but I think I remember something about the Christmas season…don’t hold me to that.


Just fyi, which you probably know, but Craftsman has two owners, the original Sears and SBD (Stanley). This will continue for 15 years. ToolguyD has info on it, so if you buy from Lowe’s it should be the new sbd stuff. From Sears they will be making new stuff, but probably much poorer quality. Ace, etc. could be either until they clear out old stock. The ratchet should be new sbd, but Sears is mimicking the new brand, so you never know unless you check it out.

Thank you for the info. I look forward to getting one of each and trying them out.

If your cheap like me. I’m always looking at various Walmart’s because the tool selection varies greatly. I noticed they have upgraded the Stanley ratchets to 120T and the cheap $9.98 3/8 Hyper Tough ratchet from Black 72T to a Chrome 90T unit. I believe the Hyper Tough one is made in Taiwan and the Stanley in China.