Craftsman Toughstack

Downsizing, planning ahead. I’ve got tools in 2 rollabouts, and a storage chest, and hanging on the wall. My goal is to reduce into a ToughStack rollabout, or something similar. I really liked the 22" toolbag that was reviewed recently, and the toolbox part of the system seemed pretty decent. I also looked at the Packout, and that is really well developed, but spendy. Whatever system I go with, the idea is readily transportable, either in the truck, or the trailer when we go RV’ing. Kids are getting the tools that I don’t keep. Thoughts, opinions, or better ideas, please.

You might look at the Ridgid Pro system. There are reviews on ToolGuyd. Compared to Packout, they’re a little less stuffed with features, but they’re cheaper and seem sturdy. There’s also a Husky system, but I haven’t seen it.

DeWalt makes surprisingly cheap storage, but there are something like 3 (or 4?) systems, and one just got revised (the system itself, not just individual boxes), which is annoying. I have a few of their little ToughCase (or is it ToughCase+?) organizers though.

Thanks for the heads up, I will take a look. I have a Ridgid bag that I got with a cordless drill a long time ago, and it is holding up really well.

I bought my first Ridgid Pro stack in 2014 and now own two complete stacks with some extra boxes, a few crates, and a couple of organizers. They’ve held up well so far, better than my ToughSystem boxes. I honestly haven’t used my Packout boxes but so much.

Thanks, good info. I have some time tonight, will dive in.