Craftsman V60 phaseout?

Any information on whether Craftsman is planning to phase out its V60 line? There are some crazy clearance deals on mowers and trimmers at my local Lowes. I’d chalk it up to end of season discounts, but it’s really not end of season, and they’re not discounting any of the Greenworks, Kobalt, or other cordless equipment other than Craftsman.

Just don’t want to buy into a dying battery platform.

Id be surprised if it was being killed off.

Those models might already be discontinued - I could see that maybe. But I have to think they would keep the V60 line up - as counterpart to the Dewalt Flexvolt 60V products.

Yeah – It would be a very early throwing in of the towel.

After doing some more research, I learned the mower has a brushed motor and the 5 Ah 60 volt battery takes around 3 hours to charge. They claim 60 minute runtimes, but with a brushed motor I have to assume that’s on grass that’s bone dry and less than a quarter inch above the blade. Still not a bad deal for $170, but asking $399 or more for it when they sell the Kobalt brushless mower for that price wasn’t a good move. My guess now is they’re going to release a brushless model next year.

I’ve seen Lowe’s reduce the JawHorses by quite a bit (as low as half-price), seemingly to rotate stock. I also noted yhat they put the DeWalt 20v Max. OPE on clearance shortly before they started selling 40v Mac, with the 20v going to Home Depot.

Decided against getting it after I read a review on another blog. While I feel the other blog is typically a little over the top with their test methodology and takeaways, it was hard to ignore the impact that the Craftsman’s brushed motor had on performance compared to everything else out there. The hunt for the perfect cordless mower continues.

if my experience with the Echo 58V cordless hedge trimmer hadn’t been so bad. I would be getting the Echo 58V mower.

RIght now if I had to buy one tomorrow I would most likely either get the Dewalt or a Husqvarna 36V pro line. (maybe the Stihl if the price was right)

I’ve had fabulous luck with my Echo 58V string trimmer and attachments. And of the 2 times I’ve used it I really like the Echo 58V chainsaw.