Craftsman's New Sidewinder Tape Measure

What do you guys think about the new Craftsman Sidewinder Tape Measure? Gimmick? Or potential game changer?

Interesting that it’s only on Ace Hardware’s website and not even

Craftsman 25-ft Sidewinder Tape Measure .


From its UPC (033287172504) - it would appear the OEM is TTI - as in Milwaukee

Game changer no, shop use probably an OK choice, jobsite no way.

I suspect that you are correct. I guess we can wait and see if it garners a decent niche market and/or if Milwaukee (as the OEM) releases their own version.

Tapes are one of those tools where some folks have pretty defined preferences - swearing by one or another and swearing at others. It may also depend on what work you do and where you do it. For instance, I was told that tapes are a no-no at electric utilities for lineman and others who work around high voltage - even though there are some that claim t be non-conductive. And, what you carry in your shop apron for woodworking - might not be what you would carry out to a jobsite.

The rear hook on this Craftsman tape reminds me a bit of the Hultafors fold-out extender.

Interesting question and topic. I recently switched from Stanley FatMax to Milwaukee rulers. What drew me to Milwaukee was the tape is made from nylon versus steel and I the belt hook much better. The Milwaukee also features double sided printing and being its magnetic I have used it a few times as a ‘pickup tool’.

As for comparison to this model, I see some benefits to it’s design. It’s true that standard rules topple over long distances. The printing of the fractions clutters up the face and IMO makes reading the tape more difficult.

I also see uses for being able to write down measurements, although that can be accomplished other ways though. All that said, I’d consider this model the next time I am in the market for a ruler. All things being equal between two choices, I’ll likely give Craftsman a ‘bonus point’ for continuing to innovate; especially on a tool that is so common place and made by virtually all tool manufacturers.