Cut Resistant Gloves?

Any advice on Kevlar/Chain Mail gloves? I want to get some before I need them, but there are a lot of choices…


I had good luck with ones from TreelineUSA - marketed as Kevlar Carvers’s gloves - made by Double-D Knitting. We’d get the Scouts to wear one when doing woodcarving. The last ones I bought were in 2004 and cost about $25 each (not pair) . The ones that Treeline sell now are a lot cheaper - so I can’t say if they are any good:

In my plumbing business we’d buy mostly mid to low priced work gloves mostly from Wells Lamont. Just before I sold up - my old inventory shows that we bought a batch of Ansell 97-002 - I think for for use in duct tear-out. I don’t recall getting any feedback on them.

Level 1 is junk. 2 is so so. At 3 a razor knife gets through with effort. As you go higher they mix say Kevlar and steel but the gloves get very thick so dexterity falls off. Ok as demolition gloves but not say electrical. You can get level 3s in dyneema or spectra or something similar in tractor supply. They come and go in the big box stores. Most industrial supply houses carry a variety. Go there first to see what you like. The chain mail days are long goje.