Cut Resistant Gloves?


Any advice on Kevlar/Chain Mail gloves? I want to get some before I need them, but there are a lot of choices…



I had good luck with ones from TreelineUSA - marketed as Kevlar Carvers’s gloves - made by Double-D Knitting. We’d get the Scouts to wear one when doing woodcarving. The last ones I bought were in 2004 and cost about $25 each (not pair) . The ones that Treeline sell now are a lot cheaper - so I can’t say if they are any good:

In my plumbing business we’d buy mostly mid to low priced work gloves mostly from Wells Lamont. Just before I sold up - my old inventory shows that we bought a batch of Ansell 97-002 - I think for for use in duct tear-out. I don’t recall getting any feedback on them.