Dashboard PWS Hinged Rail Adapter

I previously wrote about purchasing the Mafell KSS 40 18M BL saw and its benefits. When I switched, I lost some capability with my Festool MFT 3 table as the Mafell uses the “Mafell/Bosch” rail system versus the “Festool/Makita” (can’t recall the brands, but I am aware other manufacturers have this same style rail as well).

My setup was a 39” Makita rail paired with the Dashboard PWS “Guide Rail Bracket”, which allows for hinged attachment of a guide rail to any work surface with a rail system (typically those found on the MFT, Dashboard own table and other tables with aluminum extrusion edges). The Dashboard solution mimics the Festool hinged attachment.

(Note: kreg has a whole table cutting system but I’m not familiar with it).

I inherited a used Festool MFT 3 years ago, without the full cutting system, and so I’ve been on the hunt for some time as Festool doesn’t seem to sell their hinge cutting system separately from the table. That led me to find the Dashboard PWS solution, which lacks all of the features of the Festool cutting system but provides the hinge solution and works with many brands. Upon receipt of the Dashboard hinge, there are several parts to assemble. Dashboard provides instructions, but the Youtube videos are the best reference for assembly and installation.

Use is straightforward, and I enjoy using this solution for repeatable cuts, especially on wide-planked boards (shelving). Set up a stop or bench dog at the appropriate distance from the guide rail, put the guard down and cut. Simple, fast and no fuss!

There truly isn’t a lot to this solution, and there are several options for achieving the repeatability aspect for cuts (Dave Stanton manufactures some very nice solutions enabling a guide rail to be attached to bench dogs). I’ve also seen other companies (TSO comes to mind but there are others) that use a clip system. I prefer the hinge as paired with a rail. It is a “semi-permanent” attachment, and my rail travels attached to my table since I switched to the 31” Mafell track.

Speaking of switching, and the point I’ve wanted to get to, the switch between a Makita track and Mafell track was as simple as swapping one tension fit guide bar with four compression toggles with t bolts and an adapter plate for the register pin to slot into. That was it! The cost was less than $25 (maybe more, depending on the parts needed to switch between brands).

In addition to the simplicity, the customer service by the team at Dashboard has been exceptional. I emailed them on a Sunday to inquire about the switch and the parts needed. They replied within hours with pictures of which parts, instructions, and the cost. Not only are they making great products, combine excellent customer service and well-designed products that make switching between brands simple and at an affordable price point, which has earned them this loyal customer’s future business.

As always, I’ve purchased these products myself and have not been compensated or offered compensation for my opinion.