Dcst922 screw help

Can someone help with part number size of screws to hold guard ?
Exploded view on homedepot has part number 562160-02. Unavailable in US.
Googling comes up with m4x14mm.
Does it seem correct?

Call Dewalt at 1 (800) 433-9258 - they can tell you for sure, they also make and sell an optional larger guard for that model I read somewhere.

Dewalt told me the wrong screws.
E-mailed them on there error.
They replied 562160-02 is correct but it is not for sale anywhere and they have no size info.

you’re taling about the guard on the bottom so the screws thread into the AL housing.

Take a measurement of the ID of the hole. If you don’t have calipers or something for that - try taking the trimmer head to your local autoparts store - maybe even Lowes.

Even better would be a fastenall if you have one near by.

Anyway point is the screws are most likely metric machine thread like that M4x14. and I would say you don’t have to buy any screws from dewalt. Autoparts stores are likely to have something like that as metic screws are standard on cars today. And they should have some thread gages/sizing charts for you to match too.

Otherwise with your measurements of ID and length - convert to MM and that should tell you the M_ x __ that you need. Oh and check that length carefully unless you have through holes.

But an M4x 14 sounds about right assuming there is 4 or so screws holding that on.

OH but measure becasue an M5 or an M6 also makes alot of sense too.