Decked truck bed storage

I am interested in organizing my tools in the bed of my truck. While doing research I found the Decked system the most intriguing.
Does any one here have the system? Does anyone have or know of a system they are willing to share? It may make more sense to get a van, but vans are lame, trucks are cool.

We did not have pickup trucks in the fleets for our separate businesses. We mostly used vans like the E350 and Freightliner Step Vans with a few heavier trucks. What we did was sometimes a mix and match of do-it-ourselves modifications - but mostly we used an upfitter:

I can’t disagree, Trucks are cooler! For the past 15 years I’ve worked out of a van, so much more practical, tool storage :heavy_check_mark:, sheet goods​:heavy_check_mark:, 2x​:heavy_check_mark:, TVs​:heavy_check_mark:, bath fixtures :heavy_check_mark:, cabinets​:heavy_check_mark:, ladder rack :heavy_check_mark:, and on and on. Bigger tools and more materials go in the trailer or get delivered. My personal ride is an F150 4x4, I keep alot of tools in it in my truck box which is a large Craftsman.

Oh yeah I drooled over those types systems, but in the end was way too cheap to spend the money on them. So I built sort of a cheap work around. 2 pieces of uni strut mounted high on either side of the bed that allows 2 6’ sections of plywood to slide in and lock on the tailgate. Then a pair of 2x4s secured to the bed rails to tie down doors or ladders as needed. Not nearly as nice as the OP s link, but really got the job done for me

Depending on what you do a Dimmondback Truck cover is a nice Heavy Duty Cover. Makes Truck into a Flat Bed I Put Egress Window Wells on top and tools in bed. They lock up like a vault and keep your stuff dry. I use DeWalt tough case and they stack in there nice.