DeWalt 181 piece Mechanics tool set at Costco

I’ve been looking for a mechanics tools set to keep in the truck and I was at Costco the other day and I came across a DeWalt 181 piece mechanics tool set for $99.99. The set is black chrome with 72 tooth ratchets.

I believe it’s the same set as this one:

Is this set any good? Is there something else people would recommend? My goal is to spend no more than $150-$200.

I’m a full time painter and my plan is to keep the tool set in the truck for those rare times when it’s needed at the job site.


I’m sure it would be fine - probably a bit more than you really need piece wise. But solid enough for anything you’d throw at it.

If I was to guess. Otherwise I might look for a more tailored setup to save a few dollars. IE some quality ratcheting screw driver kit (like say the Kobalt one) and then standard bits if you don’t already own them. Then a qualtiy set of the textron philips and slotted screw drivers. Then a basic 1/4 drive socket set of some flavor.


but even doing that you might walk your way up to 60 dollars by the time you got most of what you needed in quality pieces.

It’s a matter of how much shopping oyu might want to do and how big a kit you want to carry