Dewalt 18V XRP Cordless Drill Battery. Low Runtime?

About a year ago I bought DeWalt XRP Cordless Drill DC9096. Till yesterday it was working perfectly but I fully charged both XRP batteries last night, and the charger displayed a steady red light, indicating they charged successfully. When I started is using again the runtime was just 5 minutes. Is there anyone who faced same problem or know how to deal with it.

Sadly those batteries are nicad, older tech and prone to fail premature, good news is DeWalt makes an adapter kit that allows the older 18v tools to use the newer 20v max batteries.
This is by far the best option, the next option is get new 18v batteries, they tend to run $100 for a 2 pack. Then again with holiday sales rapidly approaching there are going to be some fantastic deals on kits.

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Here are a few discussions of possible reasons for your battery problem:

It may be that the battery you have will never be able to function better than what you experienced. But you might try to discharge it a bit more fully by putting a small load (like a small night light bulb) wired across its terminals for something like 20 minutes to 1/2 hour - then see if the battery will recharge more fully.

Here are 2 videos that suggests another possible fix:

Thanks cr8ondt, I like the product link you shared with me . I just purchased the same batteries from here