DeWalt 20V DCN682 Flooring and DCN681 Narrow Crown Staplers

Kits are $399 & $299

Flooring Stapler

Narrow Crown Stapler

For the flooring stapler in particular ā€“ this is a class of tool that Iā€™d be loath to be the first to try it out. Unless you cannot live without a cordless, Iā€™d recommend waiting to see how user reviews start coming in and rating the tool. We had an 18ga Bostitich SX150-BHF-2 pneumatic that worked fine for us. Then when we thought to buy another ā€“ it had been replaced by the then new EHF1838K. Maybe it was just us ā€“ but the newer model performed very poorly, not reliably sinking staples, jamming etc. Side by side there was little comparison. My take is that this may be a hard class of tool to get just right ā€“ and a pricey cordless might turn out to be great or a big disappointment.

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