Dewalt 20V power pruner

Not sure if anyone saw these yet but I was actually looking for a dewalt chainsaw at the local home depot and they had these 20V power pruners.

part number is a DCPR320.

don’t need one personally but it caught my attention as a golly that’s neat for if I need one.

Those are pretty cool. I don’t really have a need for them myself but they’d be great for someone who has to do an awful lot of pruning like a landscaper or a nursery worker. They’d also be great for someone who may have arthritis or diminished hand strength and seem a lot safer than a saw.

Neat! On the other hand, it does weigh a lot more than a manual pruner.

Is that a grip safety? If so, it’s the first I’ve seen on any power tool.

yes it’s a paddle switch grip safety from the looks of it - I think they do similar on their cable crimper and the cutter tool.

I was thinking of my dad when I saw this but he’s not doing much gardening these days.

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Ryobi has this long-handled one:

Amazon also lists a plethora of other ones bearing brands that I don’t recognize: