Dewalt 20vMax Jigsaw

Hello all:

Has anyone tried one of the 20v max jigsaws? A few years ago I thought I was getting a decent one and I spent about $80 on a Craftsman and it’s been pretty crummy. It cuts crooked (not perpendicular to the sheet material surface) and it doesn’t follow anywhere near it’s “laser” guide light.

I’m pretty committed to the 20v max products but I would rather get a corded unit than another crummy jigsaw!

Thanks, Steve.

I have the DeWalt 20v jigsaw. Can’t complain at all. Its Identical to the corded version. Super easy blade change and the blade seems to cut straight (obviously if you put side pressure on the blade it will not be a plumb cut. I like the dust blower on it too.

Ditto. My only real complaint is the lack of a light on the front. My wife also complains that its the loudest tool ever… and I can’t really disagree!

3 words: Oscillating Multi Tool


The noise is not going to change too much across tool brands. A jigsaw is a quieter than many other saws. The OMT is louder than most of the tools in my shop. I personally find having the saw cordless and in my system is more valuable than having a light.

Mine must be defective or something then. It’s the loudest friggin’ thing!! Louder than my max hammer. Closer to a 12” electric concrete saw than a OMT. My OMT is loud, but no where near the jig saw.

I like mine, it dose a good job. I used a porter cable a long time ago that had better guides at the base that helped hold the blade square. I don’t know if they even make it anymore. But that said it does a good job wish it had a light.

I have one; it’s a nice tool…good weight to keep it grounded and it cuts well. I’d recommend it.

At first i had a few blades jump out while cutting with my cutter but in the last several times I used it its been flawless - maybe it was me and how i was holding it at first. Maybe it was a couple of blades no up to spec. Maybe the tool needed the blade seat to break-in.

Does the cordless have way to clear the sawdust so you can see the cutline? I have a Ryobi cordless and it doesn’t clear the dust, so I always end up using my corded (and wonderful) Bosch. I know Ryobi isn’t the same quality, so wondered if it had that feature.