DeWalt Collated Screwgun Attachment

What are your thoughts and or experiences? Home Depot has a special buy through July–buy the cordless screwgun kit for $199 and get the $89 attachment for free. Looking at the DeWalt website, it appears that these attachments can be used with any 2" or shorter screws that are collated at the head. Meaning that it should work with the thousands on Senco screws I picked up at Lowe’s for cheap.

I like that it’s free with the screwgun. I also like that the kit will give me two more batteries to use with the other 20v Max tools I own. That said, I have a corded DW257 and a Senco DS-232AC. If the DeWalt works great it could conceivably replace both of those, though, and I could probably get back the $100 I paid for both (again, thanks to Lowe’s clearance deals) if I sold them.

Anyone else have any experience with the DeWalt 20v Max screwgun and/or the attachment? Thoughts?

I guess you mean this deal:

It certainly looks like a good deal compared to prices elsewhere - even eBay. My experience was with Senco collated guns - but that was with their old 14V DS202-14V.
We also used Senco DS300-AC for decking. The only possible applicability my experience might have is that the Senco strips seemed to jam - but if you cut them in half they didn’t.

My ex compatriots - have switched away from the Senco drywall gun - and now use a Makita non-collated:

Not so much because its better - but more that we were invested in a lot of other Makita tools and batteries.