Dewalt cordless Jigsaw query (any new models on the horizon?)

I have various Dewalt 20V Max tools and the FlexVolt Circular Saw. I am looking to replace my older corded Dewalt Jig Saw with a cordless model sometime in the next few months due to some upcoming home DIY projects. Is there any likelihood that Dewalt will update the DCS331 to have an LED, or offer a new model within the next few months? Just deciding whether it makes sense to hold off buying the DCS331.



I can’t comment about a new cordless jig saw but I would love to have one that would hook up to a cordless vac. I the little blower on my Dewalt 20V jig saw doesn’t seem to want to blow which makes it hard to see lines. I would love to upgrade to a LED. That is more handy and I miss it when it is not on a tool than I ever thought I would.

DeWalt is seemingly quietly updating their 20v line, examples new brushless recip and circular saws. While not worth betting on I’d say there is a reasonably good chance of seeing a new one soonish. But on the flipside the DCS331 gets some very good reviews so if you had to get one right now I think you would be quite happy with it and shouldn’t lose any sleep if a new one pops up in a few months.

thanks! Will wait a little while and go for the DCS331 if nothing on the horizon

Wise choice, either way you can’t go wrong!