Dewalt Cordless Pressure washer

Anyone see the announcement of the Dewalt 20V cordless pressure washer. Their version of the works device.

If I recall it seems to put out 550 PSI. Seems like a nice piece can’t want to see one in a store

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Yes, waiting on review sample for combined news/review post. It was on the market prior to any announcement, and so I assumed there wouldn’t be any announcements.

Looks interesting for lighter tasks where you don’t need a bulky setup.

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You could do a proper review/comparison and purchase one each of the DeWalt, Ryobi, and Worx instead of waiting for a free one. All available from The Home Depot for your shopping convenience (no affiliation, it just seems that you like it there). There’s also a SunJoe of a similar design.

True, and I would/will do that if a personal/business need for the tool arises.

There are time and effort limitations as well. IF a good application idea arises, I’d have no qualms about ordering one online or heading down to the local HD.

In most cases, a test sample (which are almost always donated or given away) arrives faster than a natural need and budget-justifying situation arises. And when they don’t, I can usually count on them arriving a week or two later.