Dewalt DCB1800 Power Station - 110V only?

I know you US and Canada guys get frustrated by NAINA tools but I suspect this fantastic 4-berth power station is going to be OAINA!!
I can’t see Dewalt producing a 220V version for Europe and I’m not convinced the form factor would accept our chunky industrial socket used for the lower voltage.
It’s a shame because I can see so many uses for this bit of kit.

humm… that’s a reasonably good question… sure is one hella big market to overlook!

I did see this, so it looks like there will definitely be some flexvolt overseas.

Oh sure, we’re definitely getting almost all of what has been announced so far, including the alligator saw.
But that power station. I need that power station.

The power station uses an inverter to get up to 120V, there’s probably no technical reason they couldn’t change the inverter and get 220V.

Going to 220V you’d half the amperage output. Hmmm… I’m not sure what amperage most 220V tools are rated for. They might not want to put out a product that couldn’t handle everything you plugged into it, just in case somebody plugged in a high demand tool and kept tripping the built in breaker (I’m assuming there’s a built in breaker, I haven’t gone back through my audio yet.)

Well a standard circular saw pulls, say,1600W
A corded drill or planer, around 1200W
So it’s going to have to provide at least 6A and preferably 8A to be useful for the majority of their own portable corded tools.