DeWalt DCS577 (wormdrive style cordless saw)

Saw a pic of this on a screen said it was due in the 4th qtr 2017.

It better have a rafter hook.

Have a link? Can’t quite make out more than the shape in your pic.

The pic is on the visitor post on there Facebook page. Matt Holte pictures.

Ahhh… the pic sucks lololol, but I can tell it does have a rafter hook, and I can’t quite tell but sorta looks like the battery might attach to the side…maybe… doesn’t look like it would fit under the grip.

Is that really a power-assisted wheelbarrow?

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Maybe to compete with the Makita offering - rear handle saw (don’t thinks its worm-gear-driven):

You all knew that this was the next step for cordless tools. The potential for flexvolt has not been realized yet which is why it is revolutionary technology.

Talked to a guy in a yellow shirt today, he said it has a rafter hook. He also said the wheel barrow could be a thing. If I was Dewalt I would make it a dual wheel set up. They are more stable to load with saw a small excavator.

The look on his has was priceless, then there was the how do you know about that question.

I didn’t see the pick but if I was doing a power assisted hauling device I would take one of those gorilla cart things - the dump model. Holds some 1200 lbs or so - good enough - and rig that for some power assist. Yes I know the handle can be flipped to tow with a lawn tractor etc.