Dewalt DWST17824 TSTAK Wheeled Cooler

No idea when this will actually be released but I just grabbed one of these on pre-order (with a bare DCE530 heat gun to get free shipping) from Acme with their Labor Day 12% discount code).
Looks pretty cool (!)

Looks to be shipping now. How do you like the cooler?

It’s currently sitting at my company’s Miami offices, waiting for me to collect it when I visit the US next month!
Pictures and feedback will be posted once I get my hands on it!

Finally picked this up from my Miami office. First impressions really good. This thing is tough!
Family will be putting it through it’s paces over next 10 days so will come back with an ‘in use’ review.

Well, after a two week road test in late-October 90+ South Florida sunshine, I’m happy to report that the cooler is a keeper!
We had some great days out, including beaches, parks and water parks, and the cooler rocked! This was without any TSTAK accessories (bag, open tote etc) that I’ve now picked up on UK deals.
Hands up, my wife always goes OTT with cooler blocks so our food/drinks were NEVER going to heat up, but I’d estimate the 3day ice claims are realistic based on our experience.
If I had one gripe, it’s that a fold down or remove-able handle would make storage easier as the cooler would then be shelvable rather than taking up floor space. Anyone without a truck, minivan or SUV may also struggle to fit this in their trunk/boot.
Sadly, we maxed out our baggage allowance for our return flight so I had to box the cooler back up for when I come back to Miami (solo!) next month. However, this is going to get a LOT of use with the family back in the UK next summer!