Dewalt Flexvolt system is only as good as the flexibility of its offerings

I like Dewalt, and the power of brushless, and the power of 60v. But if they do not offer every tool as a bare tool, what is the point? If one has to buy a battery (not the one you need) and charger for every tool you want, then there is no savings, and you have too much stuff hanging around and going obsolete.
Every flexvolt must come with a bare tool option for it to make sense. Otherwise, just buy the best tool in each category. DeWalt makes good tools, not the best of each type. Why limit yourself to a system if there is not net operational gain. Three batteries, one charger, and 25 tools. If that is the choice you decide to make.

Ummmm ok? Am I missing something? Aren’t all FV tools available bare? Is there a 3rd FV battery size out there? All 20V chargers charge FV batteries. Please elaborate.

That is the point, all FV tool are not availbable bare. I have looked extensively on Dewalt, HomeDepot, and Amazon. Nothing comes up. Look at the Blower for example.
I used three batteries as my example choice. One 20v, and two 60volt, one being 9amp and on 6amp, needing only one charger. This is my goal, and I should be able to achieve that with the bare tool option.

I searched CPO dewalt flexvolt and it looked as though they had most of their Flexvolt tools as bare tools, too. Not sure how many in their line, though. Here’s the page, looks like seven. You could call them, too.,default,sc.html?q1=dewalt%20flexvolt

I find Home Depot’s and Amazon’s search functions leave a lot to be desired. I’ve also had trouble finding info from the manufacturers’ websites.

Ok maybe I should ask for the link to the 60v bare tool for
string trimmer
leaf blower
air compressor

Looks like your right with the OPE being not available bare, or the compressor, but the radio is always bare.