Dewalt Pex cutter and Copper tube cutter attachment

Don’t know if anyone’s seen this or not but browsing acme tool they had tags for these two devices.

A pex cutter and a copper tubing cutter that are impact driver driven. So attachment for your impact driver - braced that attached to the handle. quickly cuts items and then is removeable.

Reasonably priced as opposed to having a dedicated tool. (I think I saw 119) but what caught my attention is that it says “made in usa” on it.

anyway thought I’d post here - I hadn’t seen these before but I like the premise. If I get into a project to need to cut some I might buy one of those.

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I hadn’t seen those, very interesting. Thanks for sharing!
I have to say they feel a bit gadgety though. In my opinion if you’re doing enough pipe or copper tubing cutting that you need a power tool to do the job you can probably justify the cost of a dedicated tool, which will likely be more capable anyway. I’m wondering what the market is for this, manual tools are plenty fast and low effort for most DIY and even a lot of pro projects. If someone is a pro plumber or landscape sprinkler installer and they’re really rocking and rolling to the point where manual tools can’t cut it I just can’t see them fooling around with an attachment like this over a dedicated tools. For example, this copper tubing cutter attachment cuts 1/2 and 3/4 size copper for $120, plus you need the impact driver. For $150 you can pick up the M12 cordless copper tubing cutter, which also cuts 3/8" and 1" size and the whole assembly looks a lot smaller to get into tighter places.

I didn’t see what the size limitations are but it looked fairly capable.

I agree I would expect a full time plumber would have a dedicated tool for that and it might even be corded. I saw that and thought it looked like hey we are going to make the dedicated tool but before that we put the main parts on a gear drive that takes a impact attachment - for people that want one.

LIke the “handyman” guy that does all kinds of work and gets into doing like a bathroom redo and has to cut alot of PEX - buy this think you already have the impact driver and bamo saved you about 3 hours.

bigger thing that caught my attention was the “made in USA” part.

surprised me

I missed the “Made in the USA” part. That’s good news indeed!
But saving three hours on a single bathroom reno? Man, that must be one complex bathroom. I can’t imagine spending more than a couple minutes tops cutting pex for a bathroom even with a manual cutter; it’s not like the power tool attachment speeds up measuring it or feeding it through the walls and that’s what really takes the time. Maybe if there was a LOT of copper to be cut?

I was just typing that as an example. the few times I’ve cut pex by hand I didn’t find it difficult but if I had to do alot of it at once I’m consider the tool.

same with copper.

I can see the copper cutter being useful. Known people who had the m12 and liked it. This is likely in lieu of dewalt making their own dedicated tool. I dont see a good use for a powered pex cutter for small tubing. If there was a powered cutter for 1"-4" pex or larger that would make more sense to me but have less demand.
Just looked at tool and what you didnt mention is its a pvc and pex cutter. This makes way more sense as pvc is worth using a powered tool for (for some people) in lieu of a ratchet cutter.

I said I didn’t look too far into it - turns out the PEx and PVC cutter will do up to 2 inches and the copper will do 1/2 and 3/4 with an additional die for 1 inch copper.

It seems fairly reasonable.