Dewalt Promotion A good buy?


Saw this free Bare tool promotion with purchase of a select Dwwalt combo kit at Amazon.

Do you think this is a good deal ?

thanks !


This seems to be a popular holiday promotion for many manufacturers and stores. I’ve seen similar deals at Home Depot on Makita in the past, in fact they still have left overs from this years promotion. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your current drill/driver impact combo; I can’t see how you can go wrong. I personally prefer Teal over Yellow and am heavily invested in the line already. For me having a consistent platform solves a lot of complications and aggravation I find with managing batteries and such for multiple platforms and manufacturers. That said if I was in the Market for a new combo kit I would certainly give strong consideration to this deal.

Good luck!

thanks for your reply Mike !
Makita had a similar deal on Amazon but its not active anymore. HomeDepot has similar deals though they are expensive at around $300.
I am a new homeowner so was thinking of getting this set. This deal sounded better than the 4/5 item combo deals from these vendors.

It’s a good “deal” but I would urge you to look at a brushless kit, the proformance is night and day. At the $250 price point there are some great buys out there, granted no free bare tool but again the advantages far out shine the cost difference.

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thanks @cr8ondt
ended up getting this, thought its a good deal for brushless and battery size

That looks like one heck of a good buy!!! Your gunna love it.

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Great buy and the reciprocating saw is one of the highest rated in recent head to head testing

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