Dewalt Smartphone

I’m surprised this hasn’t been highlighted already!
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Oh Lord, why wouldn’t they. Almost thought it was April 1st.
I wonder if it’s part of their 20v max line lololol. 4ah battery on a phone please!
Or if the personal assistant is Stanley? “Hey Stanley whats the weather today?”
I can’t help myself I could go on and on…

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Here’s the website:
Press Release:
Another source:

In that last source they say Dewalt has teamed up with a UK supplier and the Press Release quotes a DEWALT UK Marketing Director.

retail price excluding VAT is £379.00

That price is insane for a phone with a MT chip and lollipop. Get a moto G with an otter box for about half… Granted the moto G is “only” IPX-7 rated lol.

Yeah as soon as I saw Lollipop I was turned off. You think they could at least release it with Marshmellow and promise Android N when it comes out.

I think they can get away with the price ($550) because of the MIL810G and IP68 ratings. Their marketing seems to be aimed at the rugged tradesman who need a reliable phone that can take abuse rather than the power user who wants the latest tech.

I really want to see a pic with the back off to see if that’s where the SIMs and the microSD live and what else you have access to.

Well the specs say it comes with a screw driver :grinning:


Global Mobile Communications has a website where they sell ruggedized phones and look what I found:

The specs are identical to the Dewalt phone and so is the price.

Oh now that is interesting. I’m a Dewalt fanboy but I don’t need their branding on a phone. A plain black stealth version is much more appealing.

Ironic this just popped up on a deal site I regularly visit.