Dewalt Tool Program?

Does anyone know or have any information about a Dewalt tool exchange or upgrade program available to contractors? I am aware Hilti has a program where you pay alittle each month and can constantly swap tools if they are broken or not working properly. Does Dewalt have a program similar to this? Does anyone have any info?

I found this:

As an aside, one of the local authorized repair shops that we used - often offered a modest rebate for trading in what he deemed as “unserviceable” tools. The skeptic in me always looked to see what I could get the new tool for without the trade in - online or elsewhere. Sort of like buying a new car - I have always negotiated a price first - then looked to see if the trade in was a good deal (all things considered) or not. In many cases the trade-in offer on the tools was not much (if at all) better than scrapping the old tool and buying from a less expensive source.

I am not aware of any, however Dewalt has some of the best customer service in the industry. You could try to contact a local service center. I know regionally there are some 3rd party programs where you trade in an older tool and can get a mediocre to awesome discount on new Dewalt tools. Those programs usually run limited time and can be sporadic.