Dewalt Toughsystem clear organizer

Saw the Dewalt Toughsystem clear organizer is running for $18 at Home Depot’s web site, about half what it runs everywhere else. It keeps coming and going on availability so looks like it must be popular.

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Shows $17.50 for me but out of stock online amd not carried in stores. I wonder when they stopped stocking them in store. I’ve fallen off my multiple visits to various stores each week kick, but only a few months ago the organizers were the only ToughSystem components commonly stocked year-round. I paid almost $40 for mine.

Regardless, thanks for the heads up! If they are restocked, I might grab a couple more for my three total rolling options (2 DS450s and 1 carrier).

It just changed to the same status for me off and on. So my guess is we’re seeing the results of stock outs where instead of showing “backordered” it simply shows no stock. Annoying but at least they don’t do like Lowes and come back with a 60-90 day lead time like I’ve run into with some things.

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