Dewalt toughsystem rack system pics and?

I bought these for Christmas for my business, I’m a contractor/remodeler/ home repair. I’m in Tucson AZ, where the temp reach 110+ in the summer, so leaving tools in the truck is not good, and am working on getting a van. So orginizing my tools for easy access for each job really helps. My question, that I can’t get a straight answer, is will Dewalt sell more of the rack hangers, for the boxes. I have more boxes still not up. Ran out…lol trying to load up pics, sorry this is my first post, and I’m old…will keep at it

Nice layout!

I’m not sure, but the hangers for the hand truck carriers might fit. I’ll look into this, will report back if I find anything helpful.

Nice setup.

Amazon has the full system for $129 and although I can’t say with absolute certainty that the cart brackets fit the built in- they appear to be the same

DeWalt DWST08212 TOUGHSYSTEM DS Carrier Brackets - PAIR

They do fit I recommend them on the bottom so you can fold them if needed, or every other so you could fit two ds150 or a ds300.