Do any SBD companies make jointers?

I might be able to get an SBD discount and was thinking of a DeWalt thickness planer. I’m interested in a jointer, too, but wasn’t seeing one at the brands I know of.

Any thoughts or recommendations in this area, as well, are welcome.


The only SBD jointer that I know of is a bench-top model with the Porter Cable brand name on it:

This would not be my choice in this tool - even if I wanted a bench-top model.

Toolguyd had a discussion about jointers:

My opinion then and now is that you are better served with a larger (8 inch or 10 inch) long bed stationary machine - if you have the room for one.

Fred already mentioned the Porter Cable jointer, and I’ve seen Craftsman-branded ones at a Lowes a few weeks ago. There were several boxes on the floor near the seasonal area.

I haven’t compared the two models yet but I bet they’re very similar.

Thanks, gentlemen. I appreciate the input.