Do These Hex/Nut Drivers Exist?

I have never seen any, but for quite some time I have been on the lookout for hex driver bits that have the following features:

  • 4"+ Long
  • Hollow Shaft
  • Magnetic Nut Retaining Ring in Head
  • 1/4" Hex Shank (Instead of Handles)
  • Metric and SAE Sizes

Has anyone else ever seen such a beast?

Some links to a few different hollow core ones - mostly aimed at electricians - not sure that any are magnetic:

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The Klein power nut drivers in 5" are almost exactly what I’m looking for - but they’re only available in 7/16, 1/2 and 9/16 sizes (was hoping for full sets.) Looks like they have some shorter hollow shaft variants for 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 that would probably still work for me, though. I’m not an electrician, so that’s probably why I haven’t seen them before; never even thought to check with Klein, since I don’t really think of their brand for this kind of tool. I suppose I could continue getting by with the non hollow shaft drivers for the occasional metric stuff I run into. Was just hoping to get a whole matching set to satisfy my fetish for tool uniformity. :laughing: