Do You Need a Specialty Tape Measure

Over at the Toolguyd site a recent post about a new Kobalt laser distance measuring instrument got me thinking about the trusty tape measure and less used carpenter’s folding ruler. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at some of the different kinds of tape measures that are or were available on the market. This is not meant as an endorsement of any brand or style – rather its just what I could easily find. If I missed your favorite – just add a link. So here goes:

Adhesive-backed tape

Caliper Tape measure:,43513

Compass – Tape Measure

Depth Tape

Surveyor’s Rope

Pencil/Pen – Tape Measure Combo

Tape Pencil Holder

Tape with pencil sharpener


Sewing Tapes

BMI Tape

Key Chain Tape

Diameter - Engineer’s Scale

Diameter Tape


Non-Conductive Tape/Case

Brick-Mason’s Tapes

Pocket Tape

Magnetic Hook Tape

Stud_squared Tape Measure

Self Locking Tape

Lever-Lock Tape

Story Pole or (April Fool’s day ?) Tape

Burn One Tape

Flat Back Tape


The one I know is from Rich Lumber BFR-0016


32mm system Tape



Engineer Scale Tape

Stainless Steel Tape

Timberframe Tape

Logger’s Tape

Long Tapes

Long-Standout Tape

Oil Tank Tape

Pipe Rap-Around

Digital Tape measure

Tape Measure – Level

Toy Tape Measure

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I recently ran across these:

Do I need ? Maybe not but I do appreciate when the right tape makes a job easier.
Measuring spaces on metal framed (industrial) buildings is very easy when you can push the blade up and have the magnetic tip grab the face of a steel roof member so you can measure clearance above ground.
Try to do that with a laser held perpendicular to the floor, spot on a 2" wide target way above you and not have it drift off while you try to read or lock the reading :smiley:

wow Fred.

SOme good idea in there. I was going to mention to anyone that gets on a project that requires metric. suck it up and buy some metric measuring tools. machinists already know this.

I work on aircraft for a living and some of them are laid out and measured in drawings in metric. I bought a metric tape measure for this purpose - already had a few scales. But I needed to measure a few meters at a time occasionally. Best 30 or so dollars I ever spent.

If you can get a dual unit you can read - so much the better.