Do you wash your tool bags? Do they survive?


Some time ago, I had a mishap during an oil-change, and one of my Ryobi bags was sitting in the resulting spill. I tossed it in the laundry to get the oil out. Big mistake! The stiffeners in the side panels are apparently cardboard. They turned to mush.

Now I’ve got a big Milwaukee bag that’s looking pretty grimy, and I’m hesitant…

On the other hand, I have a canvas rigger’s bag that’s been through the wash numerous times, and it survives and thrives. I don’t run it through the dryer, rather, I stuff plastic trim tools into the pouches and let it air-dry; it seems to rejuvenate the stiffness so it stands up on its own. (After some time in the field, it gets a little too supple and starts falling in on itself.) Most of my toolbelt pouches have been washed (they get sweaty…), and of course the little zipper-top parts bags benefit from a spiffing-up now and then.


I got a used Veto Pro bag that was caked with sheetrock dust. I hosed it out, and being semi-arid here in Denver, thought it was dry.

Later when I pulled out some tools, the rust was apparent and I realized I packed it back up way too early. Water was still in there somewhere.

Avoid that!


Well, I’m happy to report that Milwaukee’s bags are better made than Ryobi’s. I finally decided this one was so dirty I didn’t care if it survived the wash, and it did!

The stiffener panel must not be cardboard or cardboard derivatives. :slight_smile: