Does Anyone Have This ScrewDriver Kit?

“Security Screw Driver Tamper Proof Specialty Unique Proprietary Bit Set”

This is their title for the bit set on their website.

MADE BY: newelectronx

My son has a screw that needs taken out, and the only kit we can find with this particular screwdriver bit is this one. Please help, we can buy it from you at a reasonable price.

I am seriously trying to find this bit set if anyone can help. I know that i can find it on their website, but they only sell it when buying 100 or more minimum!

Buying a whole set to get one bit seems like it might be a bit (pun intended) extreme.
While it may still be an economical way to go - some of the bits in these all-in-one sets can be poor quality - either brittle or not adequately tempered.

What is the bit that he needs?

BTW - the retailer that you link to - gets mostly very poor ratings online:

what is the device that might help more. as it would lead to which screw head type is the issue.

However sensing it’s an electronic device there are the Ifixit kits and others like them. Kobalt brands a set sold in Lowes now. I think Harbor freight has something akin to it and of course there is amazon and other websites.

Which device?
Which screw?

You have options. As others have said, there’s ifixit kits for some devices, amazon has bit kits from tacklife for instance (just got one delivered) (look for coupon codes), and there’s harborfreight with its local stores.