Does the Packout 10” bag fit inside the large toolbox?

I am putting together a Packout for my mobile kit. It’s for desert racing so we need something sealed from dust and sturdy. I need to compactly fit hand tools into a system. I have the large Packout toolbox and need a place for screwdrivers, pliers, and various handled tools. The pockets of a soft bag are desirable but I would want them inside the toolbox.

Anyone know if the 10” soft bag fits inside 1/2 of the large toolbox? Seems like it might.

Not sure what you mean by 10" soft bag. There’s a 15" bag and a 10" tote.

Here’s the 10" tote in the Packout rolling box.

Thx for the reply. Yes, that’s the tote. Do you know if it fits in the large toolbox (48-22-8425)?

This is the 15" tote in the large toolbox. I don’t have the 10" anymore thus the previous HD photo. The 10" tote is slightly lower, if you crushed the side flaps, maybe. It’s going to be tight and you’d definitely deform the sides.