Drill - Milwaukee Fuel 2nd gen 12v, 18v or makita xfd12r

If you were to pick just one driver and may be impact, would it be Milwaukee Fuel 2nd gen 12v, 18v or makita xfd12r? I am a diy user. I also have corded 6ah hammer drill that I can use. Do not want to spend extra money for multiple platforms. Tool should be light.


at $99 these M12 driver kits would seem to be very appealing:



For $70 more - you get the latest model - more compact tool:


Gee wiz that’s tough to answer. It’s hard to advise someone on a tool purchase without knowing more specifics. You say DIY use, so I will presume you won’t be drilling 2 1/2” holes through 2 X4’s for pvc or 5” holes for recessed lighting. I love my Milwaukee 12V max platform and use it for at least 80% of my work, however, if I had to choose to use only one of the two drills you listed I have to go with 18V Makita. Likely it will accomplish anything you would want to throw at it.

Thank you both. I will go to one of the big stores and check them out and see how they feel.

If you are the ‘typical’ DIYer then the M12 [Gen 2 preferred] will get you through 90% of what you ask it to do. These light and easy to use overhead. However if I had to choose only 1 drill to own for the next 7 years then I’d choose Makita 18v. Fantastic durability and reliability.

I’d say that it depends on the level of diy projects you plan to achieve. The gen 2 Milwaukee hammer drill isn’t much lighter than some 18v tools, especially when compared to Makita, but is almost as powerful. The gen2 impact is very light and compact. Depending on how often and how long you plan to be using the tool, the handle feel can be more of an ergonomic preference than weight. Try to compare the handle feel in person if possible. I gravitate toward 18v for the in hand feel of the handles vs the chubby 12v tool handles you get with stick style batteries for any use longer than about :30 mins. Pretty much any of the 12v tools you mention could perform most diy homeowner type jobs unless you plan to build a deck or something more involved.