Dust collection

Is anyone using the Oneida dust collector made for the Festool ct vacuums and is it worth the investment

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I would like to know too. I have the CT36 I think and I haven’t heard of this particular oneida model:


(Is this the one you are referring to?)


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I have no experience and use an old Fein with my Fetool tools (Domino Xl and TS55REQ) plus other tools.
I did see this thread:


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That is the one I was referring to

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It looks like they are attributing that to user error as most comments suggest people are using them just fine. Maybe that was an early gen model?

It’s worth the risk, only a $500+ dust extractor on the line.

Or a free one with a $900 jigsaw, however you want to look at it :slight_smile:

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There was a recent post about it that may help:

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I have one, it’s still sitting around collecting dust and not in a good way.

I have the upgrade kit, and I think an upgraded funnel I bugged Oneida for, but they’re in a box somewhere.

My Ultimate Dust Deputy doesn’t securely fit into the Systainer dock of my Festool extractor, either. I still need to figure something out to make it fit.

Oh, and I also had to replace the seal since the gasket separated from the adhesive. The replacement gasket roll is also sitting in a box, since it’ll take a lot of time for me to clean or scrape away the separated old gasket adhesive that’s still stuck on.

With all that trouble, would go back and change my purchasing decision if I could, to buy a separate unit.

I haven’t seen anyone else with quite the same issues as me, so maybe mine was built on a Friday at 4:58pm, and they included a bottom-of-the-bin years-old roll of gasket material.

That all said, if I didn’t have these bad experiences, I WOULD buy the UDD now.