Earth auger bits with cordless drill

Hello all,

I wanted to know if anyone had experience with using a drill with earth auger bits? I am going for 24" soil depth at 6" radius at the most. I have C3 drill, m18 fuel hammer drill, and a very high torque but unsure aboutvariable speed used for mixing thick stuff like paints, etc.

I can’t afford a gas one and haven’t the time for manually digging. Let me know if you’ve done this or believe it would work. I usually don’t like dedicated machines anyway because I don’t use specialty equipment much. Thanks in advance!


Forget it, you need a lot more torque than you’ll get from a drill. Go to your local Home Depot, I think they rent them. Or another local equipment rental place. I hate renting tools, but for me, this is exactly the kind of tool I would use and never look at again.