Easter Weekend Projects and What Tools You Will Use

Hey guy I was just thinking about the projects that I have lined up for this weekend and was wondering if anyone else had any. My biggest project consists of fixing a Farmall tractor bucket and taking a tree down. Looks like there may be some automobile work and welding this weekend to.

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I have two projects going on simultaneously which is probably not a good thing. The first is my workbench build, during the week I have been milling the lumber (all started as 2x12 pine) using circular saw, table saw, thickness planer and for the first time ever a hand plane. Today I glued up two thirds of the bench top slab so the only tools involved were lots of clamps! I also picked up the plywood and cut it to rough dimensions for some stair refurbishment I am doing for my daughter, I will be replacing carpet with plywood treads, landing and riser facings along with maple bullnoses. In the picture you can see the glued up slabs and rough cut plywood.

<img src=https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OdIUQR0U4KpaaxkjZp8NbEgHboTNmPK3-teOaQoIf38kytUL89i6Q5MNr2xJq5lmWGD8jmcjxG_QIw=w1263-h938-no’>

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I wish everyone a fantastic Easter, me well I’ll be at my in-laws…

https://goo.gl/photos/FXCAhdWJTb3bMAsj9. Ok so I don’t have a blender. https://goo.gl/photos/r4zmJjRM1pebo5Vh9

We almost always used big old drills for mixing plaster, drywall compound, thinset, small batches of concrete (all variously called mud by the guys) – but not so much mashed potatoes. I could just see (ha ha) my wife using the big old Thor Drill we sometimes used – and giving up her Kitchen Aid .

At home – I use an old Craftsman ½ inch (900-27113 D-Handle) drill (made by Black & Decker) attached to a QEP or Jiffler mixer.

At work – we also tried (we’d try many things once that offered the promise of improved productivity – enhanced safety etc.) out a dedicated tool from Freud but did not like it:


I think Freud made several different models – but not sure if they still sell them:

Amazon does sell something that looks a bit like it:


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