EGO Lawn Care Equipment

I currently own a Dewalt 60v Max chainsaw and leaf blower as well as their 40v string trimmer. While I regret the string trimmer, not due to performance but because it’s an odd man out when it comes to battery platform, all of my Dewalt ope perform very well. Unfortunately, Dewalt does not make a 60v Max lawn mower yet and all the reviews I’ve read about either their twin battery 20v or the 40v version are not very complimentary. The key issue is run time. One of the top contenders in the battery powered OPE field, for quality and run time, is the EGO brand. Any comments from experienced users in this area of OPE and your findings would be much appreciated.

One of the elements of this endeavor is issue of the battery platform. I find it interesting that it appears that EGO has only one size housing that they use for their 56 volt line and the simply add cells internally to increase the amp hour ratings. They currently seem to have 2.5, 5.0 & 7.5 Ah rated batteries. I’v replaced and repaired a few lithium ion batteries in the past and I’m wondering if the potted control circuit, located in one end of the EGO batteries, is the same for each of the three different batteries. If my assumption is correct I might be able to simply add cells to one of the lower rated batteries, up to a max of 7.5 Ahs. Any thoughts on this possibility?

So I have the competitor product the ECHO 58V system. I almost bought the ego and the reason I stopped short was the string trimmer. MOSTLY becasue it’s a one trick pony and I was used to using an attachment system device. So I was actually already part way down the road of getting a new Echo 2cycle motor and their PAS system or the Stihl motor and their kombi system.

I tested the EGO trimmer and blower and they work great. But then I found the ECHO 58V trimmer to work better. Not the balance bit is debatable. I don’t mind the balance of the ECHO and I run mine with the heavier 4AH battery pack. But more importantly the ECHO trimmer allows for their PAS attachement series. SO I already about the edger and the brush attachments when I bought mine.

The Echo Mower is a bit more robust than the EGO. ALso I forget what the EGO warranty is but the ECHO is 5 year for residential. I have a 1.3 or so acre lot - I can edge the driveway, sidewalk, back then trim around the back yard and whatever else with the 4AH battery twice before I have to charge it again. I suspect I could do the same job with the lighter 2AH battery even easier.

I also have the ECHO Hedge trimmer - the standalone model not the attachment. It works great but I sort of wish I’d opted for the attachment - due to the hedge row in the back it’s a too tall.

TL:DR Before buying the EGO system I’d advocate the ECHO 58V system. Because of the attachments and the backing of ECHO. So far mine has been great. As far as battery capacity for my 58V system the 4AH has been more than plenty. I belive they might have room to make a size bigger battery but it would be heavy. If they did that I’d almost suspect they would make a harness or belt pack like the STIHL system.

Funny enough, I’m currently working on acquiring EGO. Started with the chainsaw, expanded with their top end blower (at the time). Chainsaw hasn’t seen any use yet, haven’t come across anything my sawzall couldn’t handle more conveniently.

The blower has seen extensive use. Puts the Dewalt blowers to shame. It’s powerful enough to clear even lightly packed snow off my driveway and cars. Didn’t need to snowblow or shovel last winter, at all, and I live in Iowa. They have come out with a marginally more powerful one since. Recommend using at least the 5AH battery with the blower, though. The 2.5AH doesn’t even make it halfway down my, admittedly large, driveway. And cordless blowers are notorious for high battery drain anyway.

As for the trimmer, I have been eyeing the EGO POWER+ Multihead system.
So they do have a unit that is attachment capable, with trimmer, edger, polesaw, and hedge. Based on what I’ve found so far, it uses what seems to be a proprietary spline drive. So have to use their attachments. I imagine battery life would be more than adequate. Especially considering I already have the 20v Dewalt trimmer, (a price I couldn’t resist, before I bought the EGO stuff) and a mere 4AH battery doesn’t even drain halfway to do my 1.25 acre yard.

If you don’t mind having individual tools for everything, instead of using attachments, you can get everything except for the polesaw for about the same price. They don’t make a standalone pole saw, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, and the only real complaint I’ve been reading, they are pricey. Browsing amazon for a la carte, bare tool pricing, put it at $350 for the head, the trimmer, and the pole saw altogether. still need battery and charger. Home Depot has the pole saw + Powerhead + 5AH battery/charger kit for $350. The other attachments seem to go for around $100 a piece. EGO does sell kits and bundles, as well, but I need to wait until budget allows.

Also, EGO does make a 21" snowblower as well, if that’s part of the consideration for total OPE system. Again, quite pricey, but seems to have good reviews.

I don’t have any experience regarding their mowers. They don’t make a riding mower, and unfortunately that’s what I’m currently in need of. Neighbor kid is possibly retiring from the yard mowing business now that he’s out of school, so I’ll be back to doing my own yard.

When did they introduce that? If that had been available I’d have certainly ranked that closer as that’s almost exactly like the ECHO system I have in terms of capability.

I will say I like the idea of their backpack blower but it’s costly - and I don’t know I have a need for a blower that much.

Came out last year. They don’t appear to be marketing it very heavily, especially considering their new standalone trimmers with the power reload heads.

And yeah, they are quite pricey. Their handheld blowers seem plenty adequate, at least to me. I know I have zero need for the backpack blower. But I also don’t rake leaves, just have them ran over with the mower. Usually, I’ll wait until I see something I want in a kit on sale, and then buy that. Sometimes, you find one of their blowers or trimmers on sale for the what it would cost just to grab the battery.

biggest reason I chose the ECHO was the attachment system and the fact that it’s based on stuff professional landscapers use. The string head on mine is the same as RedMAX, ECHO, STIHL and Husqvarna Stuff on trucks around here. The edge the same, the blades of the hedge trimmer - same with same capacity. ETc etc. Makes me wonder if some partner makes the stuff with EGO.

OH and it seems briggs and stratton has a battery/motor system they market now with snapper and someone else. 82V power system - makes me wonder how they get around the battery shipping issue as if I recall there’s a limit to the voltage you can ship and store a lithium battery pack, somewhere around 65 volts.

I will say I like how EGO made that backpack battery thing - Stihl and Husqvarna 36V system has something like that too.