Enough with that soggy sandwich

Good morning/ evening!

I would like to start a discussion about how workers have there meals on the job,offsite. Leaving out Asia ( sorry guys) lets talk about what people use to heat up / toast / make sandwiches working offsite with limited resources such as power, a kitchen, kitchen appliances, tools, etc. in the US, UK, Australia, NZ everywhere! Add in pics, videos, a link, whatever… If your up for it answer this question… A.) What type of tool or element you have used or have heard of someone using and if it was AC or DC , B.) The pros and cons you would encounter, and C.) add in a solution of what something that could be created or a solution for it to be more easy to have a hot meal on a job site…

For example (Toaster over, Sandwich press for a quick toastie… how do you do it. how would do it?!)

Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say!

tools.are.ife x

Here in the States most construction guys will carry cold food packed in a cooler or go to a fast food restaurant . For those in more permanent locations I would say a microwave oven would be the choice for reheating food 99% of the time.

I partnered in 3 businesses that had guys working in the field, mostly remodeling, plumbing and installation work at existing residential and commercial sites - but sometimes on new hi-rise construction. Most of it was at sites a close drive to delis or fast food joints. I’d sometimes visit a site and see a coffee maker or two plugged in out on a lawn - but don’t recall much cooking going on among the crews.

I did come across a book about using your car’s engine to cook food:


An electrician we often use brings a patio table, chair and a microwave to every site.

I’ve seen construction sites around here were the worked build a fire off to the side of the property and cook up right there. Don’t know what they were burning but I have a good idea.

you occasionally will see someone run a microwave off a extension cord - while sitting on the back tailgate of a truck. I wouldn’t recommend that though - the microwave that close to the car - not the extension cord.

I could just as easily see someone run a griddle press off one - same wattage as a microwave. Or a toaster oven even - similar thing.

No joke that used to be an option on some cars dating back to the 20’s. If you are a james bond fan you might remember in Dr No he’s going on a picknick with some chick and he’s getting ready to pull out lunch from the bently. James owned a Bentley in the books by the way - and instead of going to the back he’s under the bonnet and there’s a silver chafing dish sitting on the side of the engine. SOme american cars of the era had options for this also.