Extension Cord for Vacuum

Not exactly about tools but was hoping you guys could chime in. I bought my wife a Hoover FH50150 Carpet Cleaner http://www.hoover.com/power-scrub-deluxe-carpet-cleaner/FH50150NC.html?cgid=FULL-SIZE-CLEANERS#start=1

It has a 20’ 18-3 power cord (I think can’t make out printing on cable) but a little short for our needs. Was looking to get a 10’-20’ extension cord and either 16-3 or 14-3 gauge.

Should it matter which gauge I use?

Bigger is better. Looks like that vacuum is rated at 10 amps 16g should be fine.

Thanks was wondering if I couldn’t get by with 16 gauge.

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I would get a 14g so I could use it with other things as well.


Think I will stay with the 16 gauge as long it’s sufficient since I want a dedicated cord for the Hoover. Hoping to possibly keep onboard unless it won’t fit on the cord wraps.

It will usually stay on the Hoover, but you may end up needing it for other applications. Also, the Hoover will eventually break down but the cord will not. I would still get the heavier cord. But that’s just me!

I think one of the things I like about my Miele vacuum cleaners (now have one or two in each of our places) is that they come with a 10 meter cord. I don’t think that they clean any better than the Hoovers I’ve had in the past - but the Hoovers never seemed to last for us and seemed uneconomic to service when they failed. So far my old Miele Bolero uprights and newer C3 cat and dog canister vacs have had nary a hiccup. The downside is that they were pricey to buy and their bags - while outstandingly effective - are also obscenely pricey.

I would stick with the 16 gage if only to make it that touch easier to manage inside the house. Thinner - lighter - easier to wrap tighter etc. Plenty for the vac and most other indoor appliances.

It’s not like you’re powering a large shop vac in your shop and need the cord for your table saw, miter saw, etc etc.