Failing blade change mechanism in Milwaukee Fastback utility knives?

I have a friend who says the blade change mechanism failed on several Fastbacks he owned. I’ve never had any problem with mine. Have you?

I haven’t with the six or so I own or the smaller version. The only knife I’ve had this issue with is the yellow plastic DeWalt one.

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I may have had a few failures with my oldest, Well used fastback. I have had many times when a blade came loose and I realized the way I grabbed it I pushed the blade release. I think failures may be dependent on the brand of blades since they’re made to slightly different specs, especially thickness.

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I’ve had 2 of the full size ones fail. Have 3 compact ones and they have had no issues. Maybe it’s overuse or operator error on my part, not sure. Tossed the full size ones, frustrating when trying to cut Sheetrock and the blade keeps slipping out.

Did you try different blades with the full-sized ones? I’m told blades can vary more than you’d expect.

One of my fastbacks cannot be closed. Something happened when I was changing the blade. I still use it but keep a blade guard over it.

I haven’t had any problems but the EDC one I have, I mainly use on cardboard boxes. I also keep a “fresh” and scary sharp blade in it at all times.

I prefer a Lutz #88 for “rough” work as they retain the blade with less play than any other knife I’ve used while still being capable of tool-less “quick blade change”.

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