Favorite Knives?

What’s your favorite knife?
Stuart has often posted about new knives, best or favorite EDC’s, utility knives and more.
The most recent post on ToolGuyd was about new knives from Estwing.
I realize that some folks are passionate about their pocket knives, hunting knives, chef knives etc. – And that knife collecting is a hobby for lots of folks.

I have a few knives that I like – but do not consider myself an aficionado or anything close to really knowledgeable about knives - but would be interested in seeing what’s out there that might add function and utility to the knives I often use.

My kitchen / Chef’s knives are mostly 40+ year old Sabatier Brand knives and I have a knife steel from them. I use their carbon steel boning knife quite a bit – as well as a super thin SS fileting knife. I’ve made/put new handles on both of them a few times. I have a long carbon steel slicer and “ham” slicer from them.

More recently (not 40 years ago anyway) – I bought a new bread knife that I like a lot:


I also bought a slicing knife that I think is good:


While we use a long Sabatier SS Chef’s knife from time to time – I bought a Santoku knife that we seem to use more:


More to the point of knives that are used more in the shop and for purposes other than culinary, I most often grab one of these – having them scattered around the house:

This one in the Garage:


or this newer one 1 in the kitchen and one in the home office:

My wife also uses this in the garden:

I don’t regularly carry a pocket knife – but find that a Swiss Army knife goes into the checked luggage when we travel:


Once in a while I find that a knife that I can “beat on” comes in handy – this is the one I grab:


I also find that I use a knife for marking – and while I might love one from Blue Spruce:


I mostly make do with an X-Acto knife

For inlay work – I do use this gizmo from time to time:


I do Leatherworking MB with Boy Scouts – so I have a few knives for that purpose – although we mostly use pre-cut kits these days:




I do a little (not too good at it) woodcarving - with Flexcut knives - I think that I’m a bit better using gouges and chisels (mine are Two Cherries brand)


But I think that I’m a bit better following a pattern and chip carving with Wayne Barton knives


I use these:
I have no trouble fitting 6 blades in em. I think I have 4 I keep in my tool belts and truck box.

For a cheap knife it’s really nice!

I also carry, a Guidesman knife to use as general beat around pry tool and whatever Leatherman I happen to reach for first(usually a Wave).

I bought my wife a Wustoff Classic 5-inch Santoku, she hasn’t had a chance to use it yet. I’m hoping it becomes her favorite.

As for my favorite pocket knife, I’m still working on that. I’ve been really liking my new Benchmade: