Favorite Old Tools You Wish might be Brought Back

Over on ToolGuyd under the Post about New Dewal Tradesman Offerings - John Posted about the need for a cordless small threaded bolt cutter to handle things light shortening up small machine screws and bolts from #6, #8 and up. He complained that old arthritic hands had a tough time with using Electrician Combi Tools like the Klein 1001


I responded by saying that my go-to tool for this purpose was a Stanley tool that was sadly no longer made:

It has threaded holes - just like the Klein - can cut up to 5/16 inch - and the longer handles and compound leverage design make it easy to use.
Now if Stanley could bring this back - particularly at the $20 or so that I think I paid for it - I think it would sell well

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geniusCastor under the Left Blade Saw topic – posted about his Porter Cable 423MAG saw and how he has repaired it, keeping it running in the absence of spare part availability.

In response, I talked about my much older Rockwell-Porter-Cable 9314 4.5 inch worm-gear trim saw which served me for something like 35 years breaking down sheet goods. It is now in semi-retirement having been replaced by a Festool TS55REQ track saw – but it still gets used because its lightweight makes it great for vertical and overhead cuts. Mine now sports a Forrest blade – and I also use it with a blade with reverse teeth designed to cut Plexiglas.



It cousin - model #314 saws still appear on eBay – but also saw one for sale on Amazon



An updated version of equal quality from PC would be a nice thing to have – especially if it could be made as a cordless tool.

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The “wilton socket stik”!!
My father had one in his tool bag for years! I acquired it after he stopped actually working and now sits in the office lol.
Anyway it is a tool i wish i could find new and have a couple sae and metric sets. Its so handy, well built, has a good pawls, locks the socket on. Even after hard use and abuse it still works and holds sockets nice and tight.


I’ll also put a vote in for Proto to bring back their 140A pipe nipple extractor set (3 pieces 1/2, 3/4 1) that were best in class in my opinion since it will work to both loosen and tighten small nipples:


much better than their current design useful for removal only:


the new design is a copy of the old Roddick tool that has been copied by many others like General Tools, Superior Tools and Titan

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Adjustable Clamp Company (Jorgensen-Pony) used to make a gadget called the Kerf Keeper - a clamp that could hold a kerf open and support the work as you went along. While not a must-have tool - it was convenient to use in situations when working alone.


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In the comments on this post


a few of us talked about the venerable Porter Cable 126 power plane - which was a go to tool for many door hangers.


So maybe PC might try bringing it back again ?

Well they did - with their model 9118


but it got mixed reviews - possible because of manufacturing defects not caught by QC

So maybe - while I’d like to see this tool brought back - maybe its hard to replicate the original and still price the new one at a practical price that will sell

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This is going to boil my brain :slight_smile: I would like to answer to this but then I should write pages or probably a book :)) Are you going to read it?!!! :slight_smile:

I’d like for the Porter Cable 504 belt sander to come back. I don’t actually need it for anything, but it was an amazing tool to work with. I’d also like Milwaukee to bring back their close-quarters drill with a 1/2” chuck. The 3/8” version just isn’t as useful.

The PC 503 and 504 belt sanders were a class act - with chain drive. Folks nicknamed them “locomotive sanders” because of their shapes. Mine (from when Rockwell International owned PC) still works - but I pull it out rather infrequently. You still see them for sale used on eBay


Their powered planes were also well used tools - and I still use mine from time to time. They are also still for sale as use items:

Wow, this is what I call tool, all body is metal. Some should make the cordless of this.